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System Overview
Ibis Sign Management System provides a fully managed field and inventory sign and asset management system with fully featured system interactivity through the use of the new and powerful Panasonic Toughbook Laptop Computers -- designed with field work in mind. Users can utilize interactive mapping technologies to manage signs, assets, and field staff through the web based systems.

Manage and track the life-cycle of all aspects of your municipal or private institution signs, assets, work orders, purchase orders, building permits, vendors, and inspections. Keep track of all work conducted by your staff and even track their current field location right on a dynamic Google map while managing their progress through the use of a mobile internet enabled Panasonic ToughBook or standard laptop with an integrated mobile wireless card.
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Web and Mobile Sign
& Asset Management
Track your inventory and inspect assets online 24/7 on the custom map.

Field GIS Sign and
Asset Management

Manage all of your signs and assets in the field through the use of inexpensive durable barcodes or your own unique ID's and GPS coordinates in a centralized GIS based database management system and meet all requirements for the upcoming MUTCD retroreflectivity guidelines.

Inventory Management
Utilize the simple full sign and asset inventory management with built in minimum quantity designation and notifications, multiple warehouse, shelf, and bin level asset lookup options, and cost management through detailed reporting.

Panasonic Toughbook Field
Management Device & App

With the new power of the line of Panasonic Toughbook Tablet Computers, users are no longer stuck with a minimal set of features through an inteface application. With the power of the Panasonic ToughBooks, users are able to interact directly with the full web system using the integrated AT&T or Verizon web access, add and manage all signs and inspections using the built in GPS & custom ibisSMS tracking application that broadcasts the user's GPS coordinates to the server allowing for live mapping technologies to help users know where they are and what signs and assets are close to them.

Advanced Map Level

Edit, delete, and view signs (with real MUTCD sign icons), assets, vehicles, and crew in the field directly from custom intuitive Google map overlays designed to replace the need for complex, outdated, and expensive GIS client/server software solutions that allows for more complex customizations and a lower cost for our customers.

Fleet and crew Map
Location Tracking

Track the location and history of all movements of your crew, cars, trucks, plows, and other equipment live on a dynamic custom Google API based map through the use of the Sign Management System online interface that can be accessed on any web enabled PC or Panasonic ToughBook.

Inspection Management
Conduct live inspections using the Sign Management System web interface, a retroreflectometer, or standard laptop interfaces. For the most efficient and advanced inspection method, utilize the follow map mode visual nighttime inspection tool offered as an integrated option for ToughBook users.

The Perfect PTWin32 Black Bear Replacement
Ibis Tek Signs is proud to offer its skilled development and data management services to help users migrate their legacy PTWin32 Black Bear system data to our new PTWin32 system replacement module through quick and easy data import. The optional ibisSMS PtWin32 module provides full and completely upgraded support for the following:
  • Permits - integrated fees, inspections, contractors, plans, parcels, and map view
  • Fees - fixed & calculated, Parcels (with map based GPS point views)
  • Contractors - with employee management integration
  • Inspections - types and corrections included
  • Reports - customized layouts with HTML, PDF, and Excel Export options
  • Full System Search - instantly locate any parcel, contractor, fee, or permit
WC3 - XHTML 5.0 Specification
Google Map API Driven Mapping System
OO (Object Oriented) Inheritance and Polymorphism
MVC - Model, View, Controller Design Pattern
JSON and XML Data Transfer Specifications
jQuery - Customized Advanced Framework
Ibis Tek is an ISO 9001:2008 certified with Design Corporation. In addition, the Ibis Tek software development team prides itself in keeping up with the leading edge of software development and all standards and practices therein. By leveraging open source software, industry standard protocols, and a dedication to simple licensing methods, Ibis Tek is able to provide superior products which are easier to maintain and provide a lower cost of ownership. This contrasts heavily with the traditional model of proprietary interfaces, proprietary data structures, and reliance on one single company.

System Details

The Ibis Sign Management System provides public and private users the ability to manage signs and assets in the field and in inventory, employees, work orders, purchase orders, inspections, public notifications, permits, and quotes in one secure and convenient online location. Keep track of crew in the field and manage all signs and assets directly within the GIS mapping system.
Four Steps to Complete Field Sign and Asset Management
Sign & Asset Tracking using GPS and Barcode
Meet the Upcoming MUTCD Retroreflectivity Requirements!
Locate all of your signs and assets, and apply a unique ID or barcode tag to each of them.
Record your signs and assets using a ToughBook, Laptop, or Retroreflectometer.
Manage you signs & assets online to keep your field and warehouse inventory updated
Easily generate precise & accurate reports utilizing all levels of your system data
The Ibis Sign Management System (ibisSMS) gives users the ability to manage warehouse and field inventory, track mobile fleet and crew locations, employees, work orders, purchase orders, sign inspections, building permits and inspections, public notifications, mobile devices, quotes, and more
Save labor costs and eliminate legacy software licensing fees with the assurance that your data is safe and that the ibisSMS will provide the record keeping and one click reporting to schedule all of your maintenance and field work. Below is a list of reasons why our Sign Management System is your perfect solution:
Managed Web Based System

Managed Web Based System

The Sign Management System is a fully managed solution where we store all your data for you while you retain complete ownership and privacy. Reduce your hardware costs and field crew, office staff, and IT labor needs.
Mobile ToughBook Device Interface

Mobile ToughBook Device Interface

Utilize the advanced Panasonic ToughBook to manage and inspect all of your field signs and assets directly on a customized Google based map, control your warehouse inventory, lookup signs/assets in the field and more.
Simple Interface

Simple, User-Friendly Interface

Manage your warehouse inventory, work orders, purchase orders, employees, quotes, vendors, public notifications, and even track your employee locations and field signs and assets directly on a customized Google Map API.
Interactive Dynamic Mapping

Interactive Dynamic Mapping

Control every sign, asset, and parcel (with PTWin32 module) in the field with the click of a mouse. Instantly update the condition of a sign or asset, add even add multiple signs/assets to the asset tool cart for creation of a W.O., P.O., Quote, or Inspection.


The Ibis Sign Management System provides full support for the RoadVista™ Retroreflectometer. Export the file from the Retro. and import it directly in to the system without any additional file formatting or modifications, which is required in other management systems that are currently available on the market. Additional Retro. models will be supported as they are developed and when customers request the import method.

The RoadVista™ Retroreflectometer Model 922 provides quality measurements to ensure that MUTCD retroreflectivity guidelines are met. The system also provides automated calculation of sign condition status through the use of a simple input method using the notes option found on the unit. Additionally, no export file data manipulation is required before importing in to the system.


The Ibis Sign Management System has been integrated with the new and improved Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2 model to allow live web system usage, device tracking, follow mode, barcode scanning, and image capturing all in one. The ibisSMS utilizes the advanced Toughbook integrated 3g/4g internet options offered through AT&T & Verizon, the accurate GPS receiver, 2D/3D laser barcode, and quality camera to bring a real desktop style interface while on the go in the field.

Unlike the Android, Retroreflectometer, or Laptop Excel© entry options, the Toughbook direct web system interaction method reduces management and maintenance data processing and verification time. If your department is ready to utilize one of the most efficient means to manage your data, then the Panasonic Toughbook model CF-H2 is the device you have been searching for.


The Ibis Sign Management System provides simple import templates that can be saved and managed using Microsoft Excel© on any laptop or windows mobile device. For fast entry, a USB based barcode scanner should be utilized with the laptop so that barcodes can be scanned when adding them to the system or adding an inspection update. Although the laptop entry method isn't the optimal solution, it is avialable for customers who do not wish to use other mobile options due to budget restrictions or personal choice.
ibisSMS Customer Support
Customer Support The ibisSMS customer support team offers multiple customer support methods to ensure that they can quickly and efficiently respond to any situation that may arise. Ibis SMS users can request support directly within the system to help record and manage all issues in one central locations. When an email or a phone call is the preferred contact method, then the support team will automatically create a support ticket that will also be available for view allowing users to keep track of each and every problem along with the steps taken and the final resolution.
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